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Are you NOLA AF?

Updated: Jan 2, 2020

This is the beginning of a journey. Here, we start talking about what NOLA AF means & NOLA AF things. Join me and future guest bloggers a on this adventure through what makes our city the most unconventional city you will visit or live.

New Orleans AF
Are You NOLA AF?

WTF is Nola AF?

“New Orleans is far more than a city. It's spiritual. A soul invader. If you allow it, she will become a part of your essence. You will carry her scent wherever you travel or live, & any every other place you go will be jealous of her.”

New Orleans is unique. But not unique like every other city is. It's unique in that it's beyond existing as just a city, or a place to live & work, or a destination for every Ohioan to prove that they can handle Bourbon St, but end up on Girls Gone Wild or the news. New Orleans is...real magic.


So does that mean if you visit one weekend when your favorite football team comes to town to lose that you are NOLA AF. Nope. Not even close. You can do some Nola AF things. But chances are you're doing the tourist version of the New Orleans experience. It's like entering someone's house but never making passed the foyer. You get to see a lot of cool stuff, but the real party is in the backyard....and the party lasts all year. You can't be fluent in our culture any quicker than can when

learning a new language. And trust me, New Orleans is it's own language.

How can I be NOLA AF?

“Being NOLA AF doesn't require residency or even frequent visits. She only only that you give yourself over to magical & musical way of thinking”

Hearing phrases like, "I was born at Hotel Dieu", "You want it dressed?", "Where y'at" , "Where'd ya go to school?", or "How's ya mom-n-dem", let you know that the person speaking is NOLA AF. If you hear a brass band playing in the middle of a random neighborhood, you are hearing NOLA AF. If you visit someone's house and they have a closest(or room) that is dedicated for costumes only, you are witnessing NOLA AF. We eat...a lot. We drink...even more. We are loud & very proud. We will tell you your team sucks, then hug you, dance with you in the street & then share our food & beer with you.

Religiously Speaking

Traditionally, New Orleans is home to many faiths. She is literally a bowl of spiritual gumbo. You can see & sense it every part of the city. From cathedrals to voodoo alters. But maybe New Orleans is it's own religion. It's own spirit. So to become NOLA AF, you're going to have to give yourself over to her. Be careful, your hometown will never live up to her.

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